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Asset-backed business loans provided directly by high-net-worth individuals. £500,000 min to £20,000,000 max. No credit checks. No credit committees. Contingent fees.

About Us arranges loans for businesses seeking short-term funding.  The asset-backed loans are provided directly by one of our exclusive bank of high-net-worth individuals for the following purposes.

  • Bridging finance
  • Property & development finance
  • Repayment of HMRC liabilities
  • Rescue and turnaround finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Asset equity release
  • Management buyouts
  • Management cash-outs
  • Short term cash flow requirements
  • Single & selective invoice finance


We offer experienced property developers who for whatever reason do not have the requisite equity to obtain traditional bank funding for a specific project, the opportunity to share half of the profits on a scheme that they have created, rather than having to sell it on with just the benefit of having obtained planning permission.

We will provide 100% of the funding, all we ask is that the developer puts up some collateral (assets or cash) that is relatively substantial when compared to their own total personal net worth.

If you or a client has a scheme that requires funding on such a basis, then start the dialogue now by emailing or call Chris Silverwood on 07968986655.


  • No credit committee – obtain an immediate decision from the principal money lender.
  • No credit checks – our lenders rely on the underlying value of the assets that are pledged against a loan.
  • Contingent fees – if you don’t accept a loan and draw down funds from any of the high net worth investors that we introduce, then you don’t pay us a penny.